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preparer has me owing 4000 dollars in tax debt when i only made 15000

Tax professional failed to mention that both parties must live in the same home for 6 months or have loans in the same name. My now exwife is a lawyer and im a blue collar w2 employee. my taxes were wrongfully filed with hers. she has several high dollar loans I could never qualify for with my income and she owns a law firm and have loans for the business. Including remodeling of the building the business is in. due to a H and R block tax professional not only let us file he did not shield me from her previous debts to the irs   and thus I now I owe almost a third of what I personally made for the year to the irs . My current taxes and the only thing that could've kept me off the street has been taking by not only their error but their failure to correct that error or even show effort to correct it.

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Re: preparer has me owing 4000 dollars in tax debt when i only made 15000


There seems to be a lot going on here and I won't be able to break down everything without more information. Still I would like to look at some of the rules that may be effecting you.


You married status for taxes is determined on the last day of the year, so if you were still married legally on 12/31 then the options will be filing together or separated. There is a possibility to be "considered unmarried" for tax purposes which requires not living together at any point in the last 6 months of the year. You can read about this here:


To be recognized as separate from any tax obligations on canceled debts on a joint return, you would need to file an Injured Spouse form which can be done separately from the filing of the initial return. More from the IRS here:


You may want to speak to the office or district manager about your situation so they can review it in more detail then the broad approach I can take here.