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need to file 2006 tax return

calif.franchice tax board bank lien & took funds for 2006.was not required to file do to losses. do to error on what broker is required to report on 1099. now must file to recover funds. any advice is welcome i am hung up on how to list 234 stock trades' and time is a factor. Thank you,

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Re: need to file 2006 tax return

Hi bigsnow,
Welcome to the H&R Block community.
2006 has long since expired as far as being able to file for a refund goes.  You have 3 years from the original due date of the return to file for a refund at the federal level, and the state rules vary but most states follow federal.  So you won't get any money back by filing the tax return.
You can still file the return, however most software providers, including H&R Block, go back 10 years at the most.  H&R Block downloadable software goes back to 2008 with the most current version being the upcoming 2017 software.
You can visit an H&R Block office if you would like and perhaps they will still have software for 2006 on the office computers that they can use to prepare the return for you.  If going to an office doesn't work you will have to fill out your tax return by hand and mail it to the state in order to file it.