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mortgage interest not showing up

Thanks for previous help!


 My mortgage interest is not showing up on my rental income page, although I see it was on there last year. It says on the software that when you enter it in for your home they will figure it out, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Originally I forgot to tick that box on the rental expenses page, but even after clicking through the whole thing and finishing it's not showing up on the form.

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Re: mortgage interest not showing up

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Usually when something doesn't show up on a form it isn't calculating because a required entry is missing or because something is checked off incorrectly.  Earlier today someone had a missing address on a Schedule C that was causing something on a totally different part of the return to calculate incorrectly as crazy as that is.  The software tends to calculate different things at different points along the way, so I suggest not skipping over anything.  My suggestion here, although I know you kind of already did this, is to start at the beginning of the return and click all the way through making sure that everything is entered correctly and that no information is missing on any of your forms.  If the mortgage interest still does not appear on Schedule E, then your next step is to call client services at 1-800-HRBLOCK (select option #2 and then option #3 to bypass the automated system) since they can actually pull everything up and look at it.


Hope this helps.

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Re: mortgage interest not showing up

I am having the exact same problem. The place where you enter in all your rental income expenses only has a place to enter in "interest (not mortgage interest)." That's line 13 on Schedule E, but the mortgage interest on Schedule E is Line 12 and we have no way to enter that in. I see you can enter in mortgage interest in the Adjustments and Deductions section, but that would be where you would put mortgage interest if you were claiming it on Schedule A.