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incorrect 1099 EIN



I have a 1099 I got that has an incorrect EIN.  They left off a "0" after the dash.  I found that out by looking at previous info I had.  I called them and pointed it out and requested a revised one.  They have not provided one.  I am able to enter the 1099 Iin soft ware when I use the correct EIN BUT will the fact they have used the incorrect one cause me a problem if things do not match at the IRS???? 

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Re: incorrect 1099 EIN

I would recommend you go ahead and enter the income from the 1099 and use what you know is the correct EIN.

Even if it does not exactly match you will have done your duty to report correctly to the IRS and I do not believe 

that will cause you a problem.



Hope this helps!