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importing last years return

I have purchased home and business software and I am trying to do my business taxes and when I try importing last years return from your software it does not respond and wants to close program and the details say it is an appcrash. It did download one time but did not have any information from last years taxes saying some forms are not available and would update info when they became available but never did. I tried to put new info on the forms but it would not function properly when I tried to input busness assets. Then come to read that if I start my return I can not import last years info anyway so I deleted everything even the program and reinstalled it. The program did not function any better and I know all the forms I need for my business are available on the IRS site. The home program is working fine.

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Re: importing last years return



Sorry to hear you're having this issue. Have you tried calling our product support line? You can reach them at 1-800-HRBLOCK. Press 2 for software support.


Good luck!



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