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honorarium fee

I live in florida (no state tax) and received a $600 honorarium fee, but did not receive a 1099 or other tax document.  Where should I input this income?


I have the H&R Block premium version.


Thank you

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Re: honorarium fee

Hello, delraydjl, and welcome to the community.


There are two possibilities that come to mind for the spot to report your honorarium income.  The one I would recommend depends on your answer to one question...  Was the honorarium received for something that you do regularly, or was it a one-time deal?


If it was a one-time deal, then I would lean toward including it on line 21 of the 1040 as "other income."


On the other hand, if it was paid for something you do (or will do) on a more-or-less regular basis, then I would add a Schedule C (self employment) to your return, and report the payment there.  Adding the Schedule C would also allow you to deduct any expanses that were associated with the honorarium income.


Hope that helps!