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filed taxes to the wrong state

i really hope someone can push me in the right direction cause so far no matter how much time i spend on the phone with the IRS i cannot get a straight answer. 


February 2014, California, i received a large amount of money from my mothers death. i moved to Utah in June, i believe, same year. when i filed my 2014 taxes i filed them to Utah. i paid Utah's state taxes of 8,000+ and federal taxes. i did not work. i filed only because of the money i received from my mother.

four years later California says, wheres my money?? i explain to them that i moved and filed with Utah. first person i spoke with said, oh that's fine, just fax us a copy of your taxes you filed. i say ok. i faxed them for free. they were never received. i assumed they were... i get a letter saying they are now going to garnish my wages to pay for the state taxes... i call again and they say fax to this number instead. and i can never speak to the same person... so i go to fax again and i use a better place. they want to charge me $45.00 to fax... i said how about i mail them. once again i assume they were received... they were not... i get a letter saying they are going to put a lean on my house. i call again. this time a guy explains to me that i need to pay. there is no other option. he wont even listen to me and i ask to speak to his supervisor and he hangs up on me... i call Utah tax people and explain my situation. she says i need to file 2014 taxes for California. that they will let me slide on paying most of the money but i will still owe a little due to the fact that California has hire taxes.... then i just found out through a friend that i should have told California i was moving and filed something. which i never knew. ive never ever done anything like this before. i just need help!