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Where do I enter my 2014 AGI?

My return got rejected and it only asks me for my pin, which I obviously don't know. How do I go back and bypass the pin with my 2014 AGI?


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Re: Where do I enter my 2014 AGI?

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Hi CoreyATX,


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So here's the deal with this one.  In the online software the place to enter your PIN number is toward the end of the return in the "wrap-up" section.  You can try using your 2014 AGI however that may or may not actually work.


The only for certain way you that can currently file your return is by getting a replacement PIN from the IRS' identity protection department.  You cannot retreieve your PIN online right now because that system is offline, so you will need to call and speak to at IRS identity protection agent at 1-800-908-4490.  It will take about two to four weeks to get your replacement PIN since they will have to send it by mail.  This also means you will not be able to file your tax return for a while.


If you are due a refund you will not need to file anything for an extension because you cannot be penalized and you'll still get your refund so long as you file within 3 years of the due date.  If you owe tax, you will need to file Form 4868 (Application for Extension) and send the IRS a payment for the tax owed today.  The application for extension can be done in the online software by clicking on "I need an extension." in the bottom right corner of your screen while you have the return open.


Hope this helps you out.

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Re: Where do I enter my 2014 AGI?

Sorry, I realize this post is old, but I have the same question: my return was rejected because of my PIN so I need to go back and change it (this is my first year filing), but I can't find where you change it. Whenever I go to the wrap up section of the Federal tab, it eventually just takes me to the state return, then says I can't file the state return because there are problems with my federal return. I can't get to the final signature because it won't let me get past the state return. Help?

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Re: Where do I enter my 2014 AGI?



Since you said this is your first year filing, you might try putting in  0000 as you previous years AGI.  Most generally

this works to tell the IRS computers you are a first time filer.   You may try either  0000  or  00000  as you AGI.


I hope this helps!