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What address to use for taxes?

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So, I'm a dependent college student and am transferring out to a different university. I just started working in September, and this is my first job ( never filed taxes before either). I had a question about what address to use on my tax return and if I need to change my W2 address.
My parents are divorced and my Dad paid for most of my expenses this year and I did live with him. However, I'm now living at my mom's house since I'm working and not at school at the moment (I attended school in the Spring and Summer this year full time). The address on my W4 is my mom's address, but my Dad is going to claim me as a dependent since he paid for most of my expenses and I lived with him more than my mom this year.
Would I have to change my W4 address to match my Dad's address and would I have to use my Dad's address when I fIle my taxes for my home address? Usually I have all my mail go to my mom's house (even when I lived with my dad) and not my dad's since he lives in an apartment and I never really got any mail for me. Would it make a difference if when he filed taxes as me with a dependent, I used my mom's address to file my taxes?

*Both my parents live in the same city
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Re: What address to use for taxes?

Hi guest5345,


Welcome to the community.


When you file a tax return you always want to put the address that you're currently living at on the front page of your 1040 return.  This is the address that you will receive IRS correspondence at if anything comes up and the address that will be on file with the IRS.


The address on your W-2 forms does not have to be the same as the one on your 1040 if you moved during the year and the same goes for the Form W-4 that you fill out when you start a job.  However, the address you enter into any tax software in the income section on your W-2 form should match the one on your W-2.  You can update the address on your W-4 by filling out a new W-4 with your employer at any time although it isn't necessary to do that right away.


As a side note, when you file your tax return remember to check the box that says you can be claimed as a dependent.


I hope this helps you out and I'll be here if you have any other questions.



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