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Uploaded Docs not Accessible by Tax Rep!

Anyone else run into the problem of uploaded all your tax documents to H&R site, but when you get to their office and meet with the preparer you find out that they have not even looked at your documents, much less, they didn't even know you had uploaded them and worse than that, they don't even have access to them. So, now you have to sit there while they go through all the paperwork you carried in just in case. What's the purpose in uploading the doc's if they can't be accessed by the right folks?
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Re: Uploaded Docs not Accessible by Tax Rep!

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Hi cutygr68,


Welcome to the H&R Block community.


MyBlock is a place for you to keep all of your tax documents in one place so that you can go back and review them or retrieve them when you need to.  The only way a tax professional can look at your documents online is if you use the "best of both" feature in the online software to send the documents to your tax professional.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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Re: Uploaded Docs not Accessible by Tax Rep!


Thanks for that explanation. I had the same issue and was quite frustrated, as I'd spent quite a bit of time uploading all my documents thinking it would be a seamless integration, but then my tax preparer said she'd never done it that way before and couldn't access it. So fortunately, there was an empty workstation at the HR Block office during my appointment and my tax preparer let me log on and print all the documents I had uploaded.


Anyway, can you please detail the steps to enable this "best of both" feature? Or provide a link to some instructions?


Also, can you tell me what steps the tax preparer needs to follow on their end to view this data? My preparer seemed very open to learning how to do it, she just didn't know how.


Thanks in advance!