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Taking my refund

H&R Block has taken $$$ of my refund to pay a debt that I paid off in 2012, i have contacted H&R Block multiple times with no answers. I have been transfered to COUNTLESS people and NO ONE can answer my questions.  I AM SO FRUSTRATED WITH H&R BLOCK. I HAVE BEEN A CUSTOMER FOR YEARS AND I WILL NEVER NEVER USE H&R BLOCK EVERY AGAIN. THEY HAVE STOLEN MY MONEY!!!!!!

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Re: Taking my refund

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Hi cathe21gemini,


Welcome to the H&R Block community.


H&R Block cannot take any money from you unless you owe preparation fees or an Emerald Advance repayment, so I don't believe that H&R Block is behind this.


However, if you have a back tax debt, a student loan debt, a debt connected with a bankruptcy, or a back child support debt then the IRS can and will seize your refund until the debt is paid in full.


So I have a question for you so that I can help you figure this out.  Do you have any of the four types of debts that I just mentioned?



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Re: Taking my refund



I would echo what LouisH posted. Have you tried contacting the federal Treasury Offset Program number? You can call them at 800-304-3107.


More information about the program is available here: