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State Taxes Paid in 2017 for 2016



I read that I can include the amount I paid with my 2016 KS state return in my "taxes paid" on my 2017 return since it was paid in 2017.  Is this true?  If so, where would I include this additional amount when filing online at HRBlock?  I need to know where to include it in the Fed and State forms (I file both KS and MO).


Thank you!

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Re: State Taxes Paid in 2017 for 2016

Hello, nmt222, and welcome to the community.


State income taxes paid in 2017 for your 2016 income tax return are deductible on your 2017 return - if you itemize deductions on Schedule A.  They would be listed on Line 5, along with this year's state withholding.


The place to enter those is under the "adjustments and deductions" section.  If you click the "add more" button, that should give you a page full of items that could be added.  Roughly halfway down the list is one titled "State and Local Income and Sales Taxes."  Click the + on the right-hand side of the line, then the top "visit topic" button.


That will give you a screen that asks about state tax payments made, and all the details can be entered there.  They will carry from that screen to the correct spot on the state returns.


Hope that helps!



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Re: State Taxes Paid in 2017 for 2016

To add to KurtH's response, I don't think you'll be able to deduct it from your KS return since that's the state you paid tax to. (This is a general statement because I"m not familiar with KS, so it could be an exception.) As far as your MO return, if there's a place to report tax paid to another state, that's where you'd report it.