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State Tax Return



I was wondering how i would be able to double check to see if i filed for my last years state return on I am very certain that i didnt file my state return last year. Here enlies my next question...How would i be able to file last years state taxes along with this years?

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Re: State Tax Return

Do you not have last years' tax documents?  You should always keep a copy.


Just a heads-up...even at 55 yo, I have every single tax return from 16 yo to now.  If you've never done so, now is the time to start a file & keep them.  If you're ever audited, you're gonna need them.


While it's not necessary to keep them as long as I have, they don't take up much space, so I highly recommend hanging onto everything from at least 7 years back.  I know this doesn't help you today, it's a good idea for the future.