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Roth IRa federal income tax withold

Please help. I am a college student and I am new to Roth IRA. I did not know that I need to have income in order to contribute. I had $4000 saved up from birthday gift to odd jobs and contributed in Roth IRA vanguard. Later I realized that I need to have taxable income which I did not. So, I did an early withdrawal from  Roth IRA (I did not do the excessive contribution removal, I just didn't know at that time). When I request early withdrawal they asked me if I wanted to either 1) not withhold federal income tax, 2) 10% of federal income tax I wanted to be withheld.  And I was stupid enough to choose federal income tax withheld 10% and state tax as well. It took me awhile to realize that money I contributed to the Roth is already taxed but I was not aware. Now, vanguard only gave me back $3600 and took $400.  how can I get $400 back? I did not have any taxable income last year 2017 and the contribution $4000 was from years of saving..please help.  Gain from the contribution was only $40 dollars

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Re: Roth IRa federal income tax withold

Hello, sangwooc1, and welcome to the community.


If I were in your position, I definitely wouldn't be beating myself up over having taxes withheld from the IRA distribution.  No, it wasn't really necessary, but the money that Vanguard took out isn't gone.  The $400 that they withheld was sent to the IRS as a tax payment, so it will show up as "taxes paid" when you file your tax return in 2019.


That doesn't help you get it back right now - but provided you don't have any tax liability for 2018 (and I don't think you will, if I'm reading your story correctly), it should be coming back as a tax refund next year.


Hope that helps!