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Reporting a complete loss of a real estate investment

I bought a lot in a resort before the crash, couldn't sell it, and finally let it go for taxes. I have a letter that the lot was sold for back taxes. Is it a simple thing to claim, using the online tax forms? I would be reporting that the "Proceeds" on form 8949 were zero.

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Re: Reporting a complete loss of a real estate investment

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The sale of investment real estate property would be reported under FEDERAL--INCOME--Sales and Transfers--1099-S Sale of other real estate, collectibles, and other investment property. Please follow the interview page of the program, and the program will take the information to form 8949.


Even though this is a loss, you still need enter proceeds and basis. You can get 3000 dollars of capital loss deduction each year. For the unused amount, you can carry it forward for future. Hopefully that clears it out. Feel free to let me know if you have any further questions.



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