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Rental Property in Different State

I am claiming a rental property and income that is from a different state. I live in FL where there is not state tax and the rental property is in SC where there is. I filled out all of the information for the rental property on the Federal side of my return and after I did all of the deductions on the software it is reporting a loss of over $2000 (it told me this when I went to fill out the SC state portion). Do I need to file a state return for South Carolina and if so, when I began filling in the information on the software it asked what the income/loss was for this property. Do I just enter the amount from the Federal Return showing a -$2000 or do I input the acutal entire year's income and go through the whole deductions process on the State side too. I didn't see an option for that when I was filling out the information in the Software. I have H&R Block 2015 Premium Software. 



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Re: Rental Property in Different State



Welcome to the community.


Since you are a non-resident of South Carolina you only need to include income and losses from South Carolina sources.


You will need to file a South Carolina tax return.  Rental losses are generally passive and can be carried forward and deducted against passive income in the next year.


I hope this helps you out & please ask if you have any other questions.



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Re: Rental Property in Different State

I have a similar question to this thread. I am a resident of Washington State and have a rental property in North Carolina. I complete a Federal Return and a NC return because I have only the rental property in NC. Rent does not cover expenses so there is a loss. Last year the loss on the property carried over as a Passive Loss but this year it is not carrying over the full amount of the losses. I don't know where it's calculating that from. The loss last year was -$18k and the full amount of that loss showed up as my only NC income. This year the loss is  -$22k but only -$3k is showing up as my NC income.


Is there a yearly passive loss amount or does it max out?


I thought the loss form last year would be carried over as the "loss from prior year" and then the loss from the rental this year would be an additional $22k. Does the rental loss accumulate year after year? Should the NC income be -$22k?