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Received 1099-MISC from my employer for space they rented in my home

Hello all,

My employer - I am a real employee with a W2, as well - is based in another state and does not have a physical office where my work is performed.  Without exposing too many details about them or the business, there is storage space necessary for supplies in the conduct of business which they were not furnishing.  I was already receiving a small housing "stipend" for being out of state, which was slightly increased to "rent" storage space in my home for the supplies and an address to receive them at.  However, I received a 1099-MISC for the entire (housing/storage rental) amount, and it was in Block 7 "Nonemployee Compensation" instead of the Block 1 Rent.  Is this correct?  Supposing it is, how on earth do I report this when I am a full-time employee of theirs and not a contractor, self-employed, otherwise?

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Re: Received 1099-MISC from my employer for space they rented in my home

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I am not expert on this but do not believe the 1099-Misc, box 7 is correct. Amounts in box 7 are subject to self employment tax which would not be correct in this case. I suggest you gather more facts and have a discussion with your employer.