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Question regarding taxes and tuition

My boyfriend is in college. In 2017, he did not take any additional loans from institutions; rather, I paid about ~$25k out of pocket for his tuition (not including books) and he has paid about half of the amount back to me. He is claimed as a dependent by his parents for insurance reasons only (with no other financial support from them) and we live in a different state entirely.


What is the best way for him to claim these education tax credits, and is there a way to ensure that any credits that are received will actually make it back to him? If he claimed himself as an independent, would that affect him being on his parents' insurance? His familial relationship is a bit up and down, and the situation as it stands has me a bit nervous that we may be kissing that money goodbye.

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Re: Question regarding taxes and tuition

Hello jbchurn!


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Based on the situation you described, if your boyfriend provided more than half of his own support, his parents should not be able to claim him as a dependent on their tax return. He can take the personal exemption on his tax return (instead of his parents doing so) and then he would be able to potentially receive any education credits for which he is qualified.


If his health insurance was provided for all of 2017 by his parent's employer, he should be able to complete his tax return without any of the health insurance tax forms from his parents. If he was covered under a marketplace plan, he would need a copy of his parent's 1095-A to complete his return and would indicate that he shares a marketplace policy with someone who is not in his household and fill out Form 8962. If he is using H&R Block's 2017 online program, this will require him to upgrade to Tax Pro Review. If he is using H&R Block's 2017 downloadable software, the form can be filled out directly. 


To claim the education credits, he would need Form 1098-T provided by his college. All of H&R Block's 2017 programs support the education credit and will walk him through some questions to see if he qualifies. If he qualifies to take any of the education credits, they will be included in his tax refund or would reduce his tax liability. 



I hope this helps you out. Let me know if you need further clarification!



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