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Paying stock taxes?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering about tax on stocks. Let's say I invest $30,000 in stocks. I make only $5,000 for the year. I know I will be taxed either short or long term tax rate for the $5,0000 capital gain. However, will I only get taxed on the capital gain for the year or includes being taxed on the $30,000 as well for investing? So total taxes will be taxed on the $35,000? I am guessing that's wrong because I assume only on the captial gain gets taxed.
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Re: Paying stock taxes?

Hello, bsantos248, and welcome to the community.


Your final statement is correct - you will be taxed only on the gains from your stock trades.  The forms that are used to report stock sales have three numbers that are important (in addition to the dates bought and sold):  the proceeds from the sale, what the stock cost, and the net gain (or loss) from the sale.  Of those three, the only one that really matters is the last one - your net gain or loss.


Hope that helps clear things up!