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No state ID on 1099G unemployment. Can not proceed without it

On my Iowa unemployment 1099G there is no state ID #. The program requires it in order to proceed. I cannot find the correct or any # for that matter. We had income tax withheld for both Fed and St. I also noticed that there is no # for the box containing our IA state tax withheld. Am I supposed to add the Fed amt in box 4 with the state amt under it and just enter it as one income?

thankyou for any insight

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Re: No state ID on 1099G unemployment. Can not proceed without it

Hello, Meun96, and welcome to the community.


I haven't been able to track down the EIN or state ID numbers for Iowa unemployment.  The best suggestion I have for you would be to call the Iowa Workforce Development UI customer service bureau at 866-239-0843, and see if they will provide that information to you over the telephone.


Sorry I couldn't be more specific...but I hope that helps!