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Hey everyone i was had a ddd for my refund to be direct deposited to my emerald card. After 3 days of nothing i got a notofocation on wheresmyrefund page saying my refund had been reduced $5,474. For a federal debt such as child support do on so on... My return was for $5,839 thet paid H&R Block there fees and i got absolutely nothing... I have called the bfs daily and it states everytime that im not scheduled for any offsets on my return nor was there any offsets applied to my return. Ive tried since the 23rd now now to get ahold of a real person at the IRS tp figure out whats going on. Ive checked my student loan adviser and she states they havent recieved any deposits from the irs. Someone please help me. Any answers at all. Anyone else going through this???????
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Welcome to the Community. There are several options you could try:


Call the Treasury Offset Program - You can get more information online here: - Their phone number - 800-304-3107


Check with a Taxpayer Advocate - More information here:


You can also contact a local Taxpayer Advocate. Contact information is available here:


Good luck to you.