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Need to amend--confused


I filed online, but actually forgot that I have foreign accounts and now have to file a Form 8983. H&R block is horrid with this--cannot figure out how to amend the tax return with the form. If it ends up being that I cannot file online with the 8983, do I just print out my tax return and send it with the 8983?



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Re: Need to amend--confused

You can not e-file an amended return.  You can create it online, but will need to print and mail it in.  To be clear, you need to create a 1040X (amended return) to mail with your new form (did you mean 8938?).  You should not mail the form with your originally filed tax return.

I'm not familiar enough with the H&R Block online program to help you with creating an amended return there, but I have done it using their desktop software, so let me know if that's the version you're using.