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Like the title says, from the filing process and tax questions to tax policy and reform, you can search and share All Things Tax here. This is the place to find answers to all your general questions that don't fall under the other categories. And just a reminder: questions about software or online filing should be posted in DIY Products.

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Need To File 2012 Taxes After Filing An Extension

I purchased the deluxe package earlier this year to complete my 2012 taxes.  I entered all the information and then opted to file an extension and pay a portion of the tax due because I was missing some documents.  I now to complete my 2012 taxes but when I login I can't access all the information. Is there somewhere to access the information that I have already entered so I can add the new information and then move forward with filing my taxes?

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Re: Need To File 2012 Taxes After Filing An Extension



Please call our online product support team at 1-800-HRBLOCK, press 3. They should be able to assist you.


Thanks, JerryG

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