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NY Resident - NJ Income - credit not applying in free file program

Hello, I was using the free file program and completing state returns. I live in Manhattan but work in NJ so i filled out the NJ Non resident form and the NY state form using the program. Also, I moved to Manhattan on July 2017 - so lived here for 5 months of 2017


My understanding is that for the amount of NJ tax I pay, I get a tax credit for my NY taxes (this is seen in the program). However, I'm not seeing the credit applied.


  • My tax liability for NJ is ~1200 but ~2300 got withheld so I get a refund from NJ of ~1100
  • My tax liability for NY is 2700 but shouldn't I get a credit of 1200 from the taxes paid to NJ?
    • The program is not reflecting this change and says I owe 2700 to NY, even thought in the credits portion of the NY return it says I have a non-refundable credit of 1200
    • My NJ employed does not withhold for NY taxes


I'm hoping this is a glitch and that I don't actually have to pay double taxes. Thank you for your help!