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I work as a speech therapist for a company and travel between several clinics. Often times I am going between two clinics in a single day. The company has designated a "home clinic" which is about 45 miles from my home. They do not pay for my mileage. At least two days a week I am working at a clinic that is only 5-10 miles away. My question is regarding the 'normal commute.' I don't really have a normal commute as it can vary day to day. Can I claim all of my mileage related to work?

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Re: Mileage

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It sounds to me like you would most regularly go to the home clinic.  Certainly this is not a temporary job although you go to different locations.  So going by that your tax home would be the home clinic.  Your miles driven from home to the home clinic and back are commuting miles.


You can deduct miles that you drive from home to clinics outside of your tax home (outside of the city or metropolitan area in which the home clinic is located) that you either work at on a temporary basis or have to travel over night to work at.  A temporary job is one which lasts less than one year.  A clinic other than your home clinic that you do not work at on a regular schedule but rather for a day or two here and there would be considered a temporary location.


Any time that you drive from one clinic to another clinic the miles driven between the clinics are also deductible.  These are business location to business location miles which are always deductible.



If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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