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Medical deductions 2017

If I had cataract surgery in 2017, medicare paid some doctor and hospital bills,
but can I claim as a deduction out of pocket extra doctor fees and cost of better cataract lenses in my eyes that medicare did not cover?


I understand that I can also claim prescriptions I paid.


Can I also claim as a deduction the $184. medicare annual deductible I am required to pay each year?

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Re: Medical deductions 2017

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Medical deductions are any expenses that you paid out of your pocket. This includes copayments, deductibles and insurance premiums. So, yes, you may deduct the out of pocket costs of your surgery and better lenses, the prescriptions costs that are not covered by insurance and your Medicare deductible. Don't forget that you can add in your Medicare and other insurance premiums plus any transportation costs associated with your medical treatment.
Refer to IRS Publication 502.