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MN Department of Revenue Tax Order



I had an H&R Block tax preparer due my 2013 taxes, both state and federal. 


I received a letter recently stating that the MN Department of Revenue reviewed it and made changes resulting in a balance of $473. Looks like they adjusted my income claimed. 


Is this something H&R Block will help me determine if I should pay since they filed the prepared and filed the taxes on my behalf?




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Re: MN Department of Revenue Tax Order

HI Tariq,



Welcome to the H&R Block community.


You can certainly go to an office and request assistance.  You should always let a tax professional look at your letter before doing anything because there are a number of scams involving fake letters out there (mainly fake IRS letters based on what I've seen so far).  It's also possible that the return can be corrected resulting in no additional tax being owed.


On the other hand, if Block made an error that resulted in less tax being shown on the return than what you actually owed then, provided that you purchased "Peace of Mind" coverage, you can file a claim for Block to cover the tax up to $6,000.


If Minnesota added some income from a Form that you didn't have when you completed your tax return then that is another possibility.  In this scenario it's tax you owed anyway but that simply wasn't shown on your return because you didn't have your tax form so you just have to pay it.


It's also possible that you didn't report your income correctly.  If you worked in another state but Minnesota is your state of residence then all of your income is taxable in Minnesota.  In this scenario you can take a credit for tax paid to another state on the Minnesota return but it will not necessarily reduce your tax all the way to zero.


Again, a tax professional at an office can help you with this and I would recommend meeting with one.  I can also guide you in the right direction from here although I won't be able to actually complete an amendment for you or anything like that.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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