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Lost my file for last years tax return

I lost my 2015 saved file for my hr block electronic filing. I cannot locate my thumb drive I thought I saved it on either.


What are my options to file my taxes this year since it says I need last years return?





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Re: Lost my file for last years tax return

Hi Asergaottie,


Welcome to the H&R Block community.


Your best and fastest option will be to file your tax return in an H&R Block office.  You will not need your AGI figure that way.  If your return is a basic return (1040EZ) then you can file it for free even in an office.


Did you file online or in an office last year?  If so you should be able to view your 2015 tax information in your online account under "tax history".  If you don't have a MyBlock account then once you've created an account and gone through the verification questions you will be able to access your tax information.


Also, if you filed in a tax office you can get a copy of your 2015 return from any H&R Block office.


If none of the above work, then you can request a copy of your tax transcripts online from the IRS.  Provided that you pass the IRS security check your tax information will be available instantly.  If you cannot get past the IRS security check you can mail Form 4506-T to the IRS for a free copy of your tax information.


Hopefully this helps you out & if you have any other questions I'll be glad to help you out.



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Re: Lost my file for last years tax return

I filed online with your tax software last year. I went to my block but it is unable to confirm my identity even though my name or SS# has not changed. Any suggestions I don't really want to have to go into an  HR office to file if I dont have to since I paid for the product to be done on my computer?


Also the IRS transcipts don't match either, it says the records are not the same. Not sure how that is possible but it won't let me get them online either.

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Re: Lost my file for last years tax return

It is starting to sound like you may not be able to e-file a tax return.  This is because you don't have your last years

tax return info.  If the IRS records do not match your info, my suggestion is to paper file your return, make a copy of

the return you file and save it in a safe place.  Then, next year you will have it available to you.



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