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K-1 Line 13 - "W-Other Deductions"

Hi - I have a K-1 that shows some real estate income in line 2 (e.g., 5,000) and a larger deduction (for depreciation) in line 13 - code 'W' (e.g., 12,000). It is all passive, so I can't deduct anything, but I would expect the deduction to wipe out the income and I should see the following on form 8582:

3a (income) - 0

3b (loss) - 7,000

The loss would then be carried forward to another year.


Instead, I am seeing:

3a (income) - 5,000

3b (loss) - 0


So - it is not acknowledging the 12,000 I entered in line 13.


How do  I get the program to recognize this and show it properly?


Thanks very much.