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Jury Duty compensation/expense reimbursement

My county reimburses transportation costs (in addition to per diem compensation) for jurors for each day of service.  Are these reimbursements taxable?  In my case they reimbursed in excess of my actual costs and I do not have sufficient "Job Expenses and Miscellaneous Deductions" to deduct my actual costs on Schedule A. 

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Re: Jury Duty compensation/expense reimbursement

Hi snowyandshelly,


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An employer reimbursement for an expense that you paid for out-of-pocket is not income to you.  This includes reimbursement for travel costs.


However, if the county includes the reimbursement that they gave you in your taxable income, which companies can do and many tend to do, then it is deductible on your tax return.  If you are paid on a 1099-MISC then the deduction is taken on Schedule C and it's deductible directly against your 1099-MISC income.  If you are paid on a W-2 then you have to take the deduction on Schedule A, but you may or may not be able to benefit from Schedule A if your standard deduction exceeds your Schedule A deductions.  When you're paid on a W-2 it's unlikely that your reimbursement will be added to your income though.


You said you were reimbursed for more than your actual costs.  When that happens the excess is taxable income.



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