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Irs has wrong birthday

So pretty much my Husbands birthday was wrong on the IRS system. Long story short we did a lot of running around, and ended up at the social security office. We got them to fix the information, and they said they'll update the info. The guy wasnt very talkative, and didnt really seem to want to explain what will happen next. What I want to know is how long will it take to actually update. He said yesterday (5/10) that it would be updated today (5/11), but when we tried making an IRS account online it still isnt working. We need to get his transcipts where it says his making payments on his taxes, so we can get a house. Will it update later today, or not at all? We know the wrong birthday, and wonder if we can just make an account that way?
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Re: Irs has wrong birthday


The IRS gets your private facts from the Social security management.

you can test what the SSA has on file by means of growing (or signing in) a My Social protection account

pick the My Profile tab from the home page to look what birthdate they have on document. additionally, test the spelling of your name, when you consider that that might also create a "matching" trouble.

If it isn't always accurate, you'll ought to report via mail.
if you want to correct or update your call or date of beginning to your Social safety document, you ought to practice for a corrected Social protection card. visit Get Or replace A Social safety Card and follow the commands.

If it is accurate, you will nevertheless must report with the aid of mail and call the IRS to look why you're having a trouble. it is able to be an trouble with how they have the spelling of your name in their information. you can accurate the spelling whilst you record or via calling at 800-829-1040.

hope this was helfull for you!