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Ip Pin E-file Rejected

Just got done e-filing taxes and got this rejection pretty much instantly. And the error is so horribly worded that I just don't understand what it is i'm supposed to do


ErrorEnter the requested information.
  • The Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN) for the taxpayer is invalid. Please resubmit your return with the correct IP PIN, or visit for further information.
Check Any That ApplyThe form you need to complete this topic isn't ready yet. The form should be available then. To learn more, see federal forms’ availability. 

The H&R Block online program is up-to-date with the latest tax law changes Congress passed on Jan. 1. However, the IRS is still working to finalize some forms and schedules. We'll keep updating the program as these forms become available.

You might have imported this form and don't need it anymore. If so, come back when the form is available to review or delete it

So what is it I have to do, there is nothing to enter I have no idea what an IP PIN is or where i would go to find mine.