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Inherited IRA and Guaranteed Income Annuity W-8BEN Form Help!!!



I am hoping someone here can help me with this.


I had a family member recently pass away and I will inherit half of their two (2) traditional IRA funds and half of their guaranteed income annuity fund. I am not a USA tax payer. I am resident and tax payer in the United Kingdom. I want to transfer the traditional IRAs into inherited IRAs. I want to take a lump sum payment from the guaranteed income annuity fund.


The Annuity company and traditional IRA company need me to send in W-8BEN as part of the forms for inheritance. I need to put down a withholding rate on those forms and its kind of tricky to figure out what the rate is.


As far as I can ascertain the withholding rate for the lump sum annuity is 30%. And I from reading the UK-US taxation treaty under chapter 17 section 1 the withholding rate for inherited IRAs is 0% as there is 0% tax, and reading the websites of companies that offer inherited IRAs there is no immediate income tax impact.


I will then file the 1040NR tax form to get any refund owed to me from the 30% withholding on the lump sum annuity, and I may also close the inherited IRAs and withdraw the funds and thus include any taxes on that withdrawal.


Does anyone know if this is correct? Am I making some horrible mistake?


Thank you.


SIgned - clueless Brit.