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I removed IRA excess contributions for tax year 2017 that were not in excess. How do I report this?

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In April 2017, I rolled my Roth IRA from Wells Fargo to Betterment. I continued to make contributions to the Roth IRA throughout 2017. In January 2018, I received a letter from Wells Fargo with a summary of contributions and changes to the Roth IRA in 2017. That summary shows that I contributed the maximum of $5,500 to the Roth IRA in January 2017 (but it did not specify whether such contribution was against tax year 2017 or tax year 2016). So, I thought that all other contributions I made in 2017 through Betterment were in excess of the $5,500. As such, I removed the excess and calculated the net gain, using the IRS formula. However, I later found a more detailed letter from Wells Fargo showing that the $5,500 I contributed in Jan 2017 was against the 2016 tax year and not 2017. So, I did not really exceeded the $5,500 limit for 2017.


In short, I removed the contributions from my Roth IRA for tax year 2017 that were not in excess. How do I file/report this to the IRS for 2017? Do I continue to report it as an excess contribution even though it was not an excess? Or do I report it as an early withdrawal and pay the penalization fees? Please help!

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Re: I removed IRA excess contributions for tax year 2017 that were not in excess. How do I report th

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Unfortunately, you would not be able to report this as an excess contribution since the initial amount was for 2016. You would have to treat this as an early withdrawal with a penalty. I wish I had more positive news, but the rules on IRAs are quite rigid.



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