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I received a 4883C Verification Letter

Good day and thank you for your generous service in allowing us to ask you questions!


I apologize in advance for this being a double post, but it looks like this is a busier thread than All things Tax. 

My question/story regarding 4883C is this:


For 10 years now, I have always filed my taxes using one address (my home address). This year when I went to my tax preparer, he told me that this year the IRS is sending out random mailings to verify identity, and he asked me if that was still my home and mailing address. I explained to him that I still have the same home and mailing address, but right now I am staying at a family member's house temporarily to help her with her elderly daughter.  I also explained that my family member is in a govt program (section 8) and she always says she cannot receive mail to her address in anyone else's name. My tax preparer said that's nothing to worry about, and so we went ahead and changed the address on my tax return to my family member's address, so that I wouldn't miss the IRS random mail if it comes to my house.. Lo and behold, the IRS mails the 4883c letter to my family member's house with my name on it.


I am concerned that if I call the IRS to verify myself, this will somehow jam my family member up with her Section 8 program, and the IRS or Social Security office will think that I live at her house, when I really don't. I only changed my address on my tax return because my tax preparer said that the IRS was randomly mailing out 4883C letters.


Is there anything you can advise on the matter? I have 17 days left to respond to the IRS.


Thank you so much again, in advance.


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Re: I received a 4883C Verification Letter

Hi dp8797,
Welcome to the H&R Block community.
Your identity verification has nothing to do with your family member's situation, it's a totally separate matter that applies only to you.  Replying to the letter will not affect your family member.
Your tax preparer was correct that you should put the address of the location where you're currently residing on your tax return.  If you had used your home address you may not have received your letter for quite some time.
If they ask your to verify your address as part of the verification then you'll have to give them the address for your current location that you put on your tax return.  However, you can also give them your permanent address and explain that your permanent address is the same as it was in prior years and that you're staying with your family member temporarily to help them out so that's why you put a different address on your tax return this year.
If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.
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