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I need to amend my 2012 taxes before next week. how do I do this?! help

Hi I should have amended my taxes last tax season but forgot. The IRS actually owes me! How do I amend my return? I know it hss to be mailed. And I've downloaded my 2012 taxes. In that download was a sheet where I explained my situation that caused me to file incorrectly. What forms do I need to amend my taxes?
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Re: I need to amend my 2012 taxes before next week. how do I do this?! help

Hello tatooedtoast, and welcome to The Community.

Federal Form 1040X is the basic form needed to prepare and file your amended return. Depending on the reason for the error on the original return, you may need to attached other forms that have either been changed due to the correction, or not filed with your original return. As an example, let's say you filed first claiming the standard deduction, but later re-figured itemized deductions would have benefitted you more. You would need to attach a copy of Federal Schedule A to claim the deductions claimed on the amended return are properly reported. The same is true if a supporting form or schedule was corrected from the original return.

For State amended returns (if applicable), the form number is different from State to State, but many include the letter "X". Some States require a copy of the correct Federal return be attached, so you need to consult the form's instructions for what they require.

Note: Federal statute dictates that you generally have 3 years from the original due date of the return (April 15, 2013 for 2012 returns) in which to amend and collect refund. I mention this because you indicate you need to file within the next week. If that is for a personal reason, that's fine, but you can file the amended return anytime as long as it is by April 15, 2016.

I hope this helps. Good luck to you.
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