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How much does it cost to go to an HR Block consultant to amend my tax return?

I need to amend my 2016 tax return. Shortly after I initially filed it through TurboTax, I received a 1099-K from Uber, because I drove for them for about two months in 2016 and made less than $500 altogether.


I tried to amend my return through TurboTax's website, but for some reason the option to do so is no longer available to me. I tried calling them, but they were no help at all. What I plan to do is print out my original return and a 1040X form and go to an H&R Block consultant to walk me through amending my return from start to finish (since I've never done this on my own before).


But how much will it cost to have someone walk me through an amendment? People have told me "It's easy! Anyone can do it.", but nobody will actually explain how to do it, which is frustrating beyond belief. I look at the forms and everything just seems terribly convoluted, I have no idea where to start!

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Re: How much does it cost to go to an HR Block consultant to amend my tax return?

Hi TuxedoMan5,


Welcome to the H&R Block community.


I'll be glad to help you out with your amendment.  That's your first option is that I can guide you through the amendment.  There are six basic steps:


(1) Print out your original tax return and fill in Column A on the 1040X with the required figures from the original return.

(2) Make the corrections and/or additions to your original return (fill out a new 1040 if necessary).

(3) Fill in Column C with the required figures from the correct tax return.

(4) Fill in Column B with the differences between Columns A and C.

(5) Indicate any changes in exemptions in Part I on Page 2, of Form 1040X.

(6) Write an explanation of all changes in Part III on Page 2 of Form 1040X.


The three columns on the 1040X are what confuse people the most, but if you think of it as "original return | difference | correct return" that will make it much easier.


Something else that will make your amendment a little more in depth is that we have to fill out a Schedule C in order to report the 1099K since it is more than $400.  As an Uber driver though you can deduct any expenses that you incurred against your 1099K income and any other income from this job on your Schedule C, including miles driven for work purposes, work phone, and other expenses you may have incurred.


If you would like, I'll help you figure the Schedule C and the 1040X.  We'll want to work on it through a private message because if you put the information you'll have to provide out here on the community board then anyone can see it.  All you have to do is click on my name and you'll be able to message me and let me know that you'ld like the help.


The other option is that of course you're welcome to visit an H&R Block office.  If you go that way it will cost you in excess of $125 because this is an amendment that's adding a Schedule C.  On an original return a Schedule C will just about always raise the price of the return to more than $150+.  Working with a tax professional in person makes that worth it though for a lot of people, especially with a business Schedule.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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