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How do I file my 2016 Federal Taxes Late?

I began and nearly completed my 2016 Taxes in May.  I meant to go back through and do a final audit of my submission and got busy and put if off.


Now when I log onto my HR Block account I cannot access the 2016 Tax program or see what I have saved or submitted so far.  I know I can paper print the forms off the IRS website and I am too late to E-file.  My question is, is it possible to access my 2016 info?  When I try to it says I have to validate my identity, when I enter my credentials it errors out and doesn't let me see anything I entered for 2016


I'm willing to go to an HR Block office to complete it.  I'm curious if the HR Block office will have access to my info.  Also, is it possible to download the 2016 program?  I don't see that option on the site either and prefer to redo it that way (Assuming I can find all my info again).  Luckily I'm getting a refund. 




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Re: How do I file my 2016 Federal Taxes Late?

Hi ganks,



Welcome to the H&R Block community.


The good news here is that since you're due a refund you actually have 3 years from the original due date of the return to file it and you'll still get your refund.


You may have to redo the return though.  Your returns appear in MyBlock once they've been filed, so the reason that you're not seeing your tax return is because it was never filed.  Had e-file not already ended for 2016 you would be able to pick up wherever you left off in the online software, however the online software has been changed over to 2017 and that's why you can't access it that way.


A tax professional at an H&R Block office can only access an online return if you send it to them to review using "Best of Both", so nobody at an office is going to have access either.  A tax professional at an office would be able to help you get it done if you bring them all of your information though.


Your best bet at accessing what you had already done is to call support at 1-800-HRBLOCK and request further assistance.  I can't promise anything, but if anyone can retrieve your information it will be a support agent.


You can download the 2016 software if you would like.  You'll of course need to print and mail the return to the IRS once it's completed.



If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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Re: How do I file my 2016 Federal Taxes Late?

How do I download the 2016 software to complete the return if H&R can't locate it?

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Re: How do I file my 2016 Federal Taxes Late?



You can download past year's editions of the software on the H&R Block website here:



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Re: How do I file my 2016 Federal Taxes Late?

Will that allow me to do my taxes and then send them in electronically?

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Re: How do I file my 2016 Federal Taxes Late?

Hi, Fishinfool, and welcome to the community.


There are two answers to your question:  one yes, and one no.


Will it allow you do to your taxes:  yes.

Will it allow you to send them electronically:  no.


The IRS will accept e-filed returns from prior years, but only if they are submitted by a registered preparer using the "modernized e-file" system.  So...although it is possible to e-file prior year returns, that would have to be done through a tax office.


Hope that helps!