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All Things Tax

Like the title says, from the filing process and tax questions to tax policy and reform, you can search and share All Things Tax here. This is the place to find answers to all your general questions that don't fall under the other categories. And just a reminder: questions about software or online filing should be posted in DIY Products.

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HR Block's website

Website issues:

   1) I should have the ability to

        - past a password into the fields which require a password, such as the create an account form

       - find the community boards MUCH easier.

       - been able to file a complaint within a form that allows for this action

   2) My account should have verified my account by receiving an email which I never got but my setting said I had

       - This is completely false.  Seriously, we are supposed to believe that our information is safe and secure, but seeing 

          seeing this makes me wonder what else is made up


Very underwhelming.