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HR Block Home Premium & business Software

I used this software past years except last and this year I faced problem.  The report list the errors. I reviewed the errors and cannot find what wrong.  I followed the step by step as per interview.   I went to online "Chat", they cannot assist me.

The errors as below:

1.  1065 Error - If Schedule M-3 is present in the return, then Schedule C must be present in the return and item J checkbox must be check.  I did not chec item J and meet only 1 condition out of  4 condition stipulated.

2. Sch K1 (1065)  Guaranteed Payment allocated to partners do nt equal the amount from Schedule K. 

I reviewed the schedule K1 and tally with line 10 Form 1065.

3. Non Farm Earning. - Too high.

I have not being able to reconcile the non farm earning.  Can any one advise me what are the component of non farm earning?


Thank you.