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H&R Services

 I'm not looking to have my tax return done. I do my own with H&R software. So if I were to walk into an H&R location. Would I be able ask to speak to someone there about tax issues?

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Re: H&R Services

Hi Anythony340,




It's free to look over a tax return with a tax professional at an office.


However, if this is something that doesn't fall under second look, meaning it's not a tax return that you already completed that you're looking over, then they can charge a fee for assisting you.  I'm not saying they will charge a fee, just that they can.


In offices that I've worked in that there are some situations in which they will charge a fee before they will even look at your issue.  This is especially true of IRS letter situations.


I would call the office in your area and ask them about this so that you can get a more specific answer for your situation and your office.




If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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