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Foreign Earned Income Exclusion error message

I am getting the following error message: 


"The excluded wages in the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (Form 2555) topic can't be more than wages in the W-2 or Foreign Wages not on a W-2 topics. Review what you entered and make sure it's accurate."


How do I fix this error?

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Re: Foreign Earned Income Exclusion error message

Hello jaferus!


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It sounds like you have entered all the information to exclude the foreign income on form 2555, but you didn’t enter the income anywhere.  You must enter the income to be able to exclude it.  In the online program, assuming you do not have a W-2 for this income, you’ll find the place to enter the income in the same place you found the exclusion - Income / Foreign Income. There are two topics under this category (Form 2555 Foreign earned income exclusion, which you have already completed, and Foreign compensation not shown on a W-2).  You’ll enter the income in the 2nd one.


If you have any further questions, I'll be happy to help!



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Re: Foreign Earned Income Exclusion error message

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To AlexandraL,


This does not help in my case.


My income is well below the 2017 IRS exclusion limit of $102,100. Say, my income is $X.


Now, if I follow your step and enter my foreign earned income $X in "Foreign Income Not Shown on W-2", it gives me a negative debt on federal. That mean that I owe IRS tax. I believe that it should show 0 instead of a negative number.


Please advise further.