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Filing state taxes

I'm asking for a friend. He is a truck driver, and lives in Oklahoma, however, the company he drove for is based out of Ohio. When he received his W2, it showed his Federal Taxes, plus, his Ohio State taxes that was paid in. When he went to file his taxes, the tax company who filed it for him, told him, " not only does he have to pay Ohio State taxes since that is where the company is based out of, but, he also, has to pay Oklahoma State taxes, cause that is where he resides at". Is this correct? Others I've talked to says No, he does not have to pay Oklahoma State taxes.
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Re: Filing state taxes

Hi Lonewolf1965,


Your friend’s tax company might be incorrect. If your friend lived and worked in Oklahoma, then he owed taxes only to Oklahoma. For full-year residents of Oklahoma, taxes are owed to that state for all income earned while a resident of Oklahoma and on all income derived from Oklahoma sources. Additionally, taxes on earned income is due to the state in which the work was physically performed. It does not matter where the company’s headquarters is based if he never worked in that state. If your friend has actually filed his Ohio return already and did not perform any work in Ohio, he will need to amend that return to claim his income taxes back. If he did work in Ohio, then he can claim a credit for taxes paid to other states (Ohio) on his Oklahoma return for that amount.



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