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Filed 2016 using TurboTax, can H&R Block help with amending?

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i filed (and completed) my taxes using turbotax. I realized some things that I need to amend. 

I'd rather have a professional assist me. If I make an appointment with a H&R Block office, will they be able to assist me even though I didn't file with them?

Does anyone know the cost?  


Thank You 




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Re: Filed 2016 using TurboTax, can H&R Block help with amending?

Hi Phatjoe,


Welcome to the H&R Block community.


If you would like to amend your tax return, it will be much less expensive to amend it using either software.  In the software you used to create the return all you have to do is add a Form 1040X and make the corrections on the return.  In the H&R Block software you can easily re-create the return and then add the 1040X as well.


If you go to an office it usually costs $85+ to amend a tax return, although you can have the return looked over for free.


If you have any other questions I'll be glad to help.



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