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Estimated Massachusetts Tax Payments from one-time income?

I sold some stock for >$200k in long term capital gains in November of 2017. I have federal and state tax withholdings from my income. Those payments are > 110% of my federal taxes paid last year


  1. Am I exempt from making an estimated Federal tax payment before 1/15/2018?
  2. If not, can that payment only be enough to meet that threshold or do I need to pay in 95% of what I will owe?
  3. What are the exemption options from making an estimated Massachusetts state tax payment?
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Re: Estimated Massachusetts Tax Payments from one-time income?





Before I answer this, did you owe federal income tax with your tax return last year?


The exception to estimated payments is that you either:

  1. didn't owe any tax on your tax return for last year
  2. have enough withholdings to cover at least 90% of your federal income tax for this year