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Like the title says, from the filing process and tax questions to tax policy and reform, you can search and share All Things Tax here. This is the place to find answers to all your general questions that don't fall under the other categories. And just a reminder: questions about software or online filing should be posted in DIY Products.

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Doubling of Standard Deduction

So, with the new tax law, the standard deduction was supposed to double, correct? $24,000 for married filling jointly.

I did my taxes and I got $12,000? I know there are some loses of other deductions, but why is my standard deduction this low? My adjusted gross is like $103. I thought this was all. I guess I am confused as to how the huge tax cut works, cause mine have gone up by more than $1500.

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Re: Doubling of Standard Deduction

The new standard deductions will not affect 2017 taxes, you will see this in the 2018 filing season.