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Do uppercase/capital letters matter on tax forms?

In H&R Block 2017 Premium, on the "Review Your W-2 Details" page, there are checkboxes for "Name doesn't match W-2" and "Address doesn't match W-2." The "LEARN MORE" button opens a window that says "Check this box if the address shown here is different (for any reason) from the address shown on your W-2."


Does "different for any reason" include letter casing? For example, the software says "First M Last," but my W-2 says "FIRST M LAST." Similarly, the software says "123 Generic St," but my W-2 says "123 GENERIC ST."


Do I need to check this box and manually enter the information again when the only differences are capital letters?

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Re: Do uppercase/capital letters matter on tax forms?

No. It doesn't matter if there are capitalization differences.