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My younger daughter lived with my oldest daughter part of last year due to schooling. I did provide money for her and clothing and needs.  Can she claim her on her taxes?

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Re: Dependents

Hello, terryberry65, and welcome to the community.


Generally, you would be entitled to claim your younger daughter as a dependent for 2017, as long as you provided at least half of her support.  The IRS considers college students to be "temporarily away from home" instead of having a completely new residence.  (This is especially helpful when students don't stay in their home state for college!) 


Unless your older daughter (OD) provided more than half of your younger daughter's (YD) support for the year, OD would not be able to claim YD as a dependent.  However, since you presumably did provide more than half of YD's support for the year, you would be able to claim her as a dependent.


Hope that helps clear things up!