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Deducting mileage driven for two jobs

I work two jobs, both as  per diem employee.  One has an office 60 miles away and the other 1200 miles away.  I do not go to either office, I drive from my home to see clients for both jobs.  I am unsure what to put down as my "average daily commute".   For one per diem job I get reimbursed $.35/mile and for the other I get reimbursed $.50/mile.  Thank you for any help!

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Re: Deducting mileage driven for two jobs

If you are planning to deduct mileage as an expense you better have good written mileage logs for each days mileage claim.

Further, you need to have an independent (3rd party) verification of beginning and ending odometer readings for the end of 

the year/ beginning of the year.  This might come from vehicle service, oil change, tire rotation/repair.  The IRS is really looking 

at this deduction lately.  As far as you "average daily commute", when you look at your mileage logs you would see the commute 

amount from you home to your first client each day and from your last client back to your home each evening.  Add those mileages 

up and divide by the number of days you are claiming and you have your "average daily commute".


Good luck with claiming mileage.