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Deductible Education Expenses

My husband and I are both in school part-time.  Our income is too high to be eligible for the tuition credits available but my questions is about job related expense of the tuition.  Would we be able to claim it under the Deductible Education under Job Related Expenses?  He's a currently a carpenter and is enrolled in a Bachelors in Construction Management program.  It's not required but does improve his skills in construction/carpentry.  I am currently in sales and I am enrolled in Bachelors in Business Administration program.  Again, it's not required but it does improve my skills for my job.  


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Deductible Education Expenses

Hi Bethany!


Thank you for your great question in the Community. The issue for claiming work-related expenses is that even if the education meets the these test improving skills needed in your current role, it is not qualifying work-related education if it is part of a program of study which will qualify you for a new trade or business. That alone makes most, if not all, bachelor's degrees usually not deductible work-related education, as many new fields are open for those who have a bachelor's degree.


Hope this helps clear it up for you!